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Health and Safety Management System

The purpose of the management system is to provide a framework for managing the prevention of work-related accidents.

The result of implementing this standard should be to prevent accidents, work-related injuries, improve and provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees.

An organization’s operations can pose a risk of death, work-related injuries and ill health, so it is critical for the organization to eliminate or minimize workplace safety risks by taking effective preventive measures. When these measures are applied by an organization through its health and safety management system (supported by the use of appropriate controls, methods, and tools at all levels of the organization), they improve its health and safety performance. It can be more effective and efficient in taking action to address potential opportunities to improve safety performance.

Implementing a health and safety management system is a strategic and operational decision for an organization. The success of a health and safety management system depends on the leadership, commitment, and involvement of all levels and functions of the organization.

The implementation and sustainability of a health and safety management system, its effectiveness, and its ability to achieve its goals depend on a number of key factors, which may include:

  • Leadership and commitment of Senior Management;
  • Development and promotion of a culture within the organization that supports a health and safety management system;
  • A clear health and safety policy that is compatible with the overall strategic goals and direction of the organization;
  • Integration of the health and safety management system into the organization’s business processes;
  • Ongoing evaluation and monitoring of the management system to improve overall performance;

The demonstration of successful implementation of this international standard can be used by an organization to provide assurance to employees and other stakeholders that an effective health and safety management system is in place.

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