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The certification procedure consists of the following steps:


The basis for the organization of work on certification of the management system is an official request (application) submitted by the organization directly to the Certification Body “Central Asia Certification” in electronic form through the official website or by e-mail.


The certification body analyzes the application for the possibility of certification and prepares a commercial proposal indicating the scope and cost of work. After the customer accepts the terms of the commercial proposal, a bilateral contract is signed and the composition of the auditors is determined.

PRE-AUDIT (optional)

Before the start of the certification audit, the Customer may be recommended to pass through a preliminary audit, which is a simplified version of the certification audit. Based on the results of this audit, the certification body issues a report, which indicates the non-compliance of the management system with the requirements of the standard. By analyzing the report, the organization will be able to assess its strengths and take measures to improve the system in advance.


The certification audit is divided into two parts: Stages 1 and 2. At the beginning of each stage, the Customer is provided with an audit plan for approval, and at the end – the corresponding report and time for implementing the necessary corrections and corrective actions.

Stage 1 of the audit is conducted to analyze the documentation of the management system and interview personnel. If critical nonconformities are identified, the Customer is given a maximum period of 6 (six) months before the 2nd stage audit begins.

Stage 2 of the audit consists of checking and assessing the practical implementation of the documented procedures by the organization, which is confirmed by the collection of relevant evidence. The results of the Phase 2 audit are presented at the final meeting.

If the audit results are positive, the organization receives a certificate of compliance of the management system with the requirements of the standard. The certificate is valid for 3 (three) years.

If significant nonconformities are identified during the audit of the 2nd stage, specified in the report on nonconformity, are revealed, the organization is given 6 (six) months to eliminate them. Within this period, verification (verification) of elimination of the detected significant non-conformities is carried out. If the result is positive, a certificate is issued.


During the period of validity of the certificate, the certified organization shall maintain the management system at an appropriate level. In order to confirm the proper functioning of the system, the certification body conducts one surveillance audit after 12 (twelve) and 24 (twenty-four) months after the certification audit. In this case, the procedure of reporting and correction of nonconformities is similar to the certification audit.


The purpose of re-certification is to maintain the continuity of the certificate. The re-certification audit procedure is the same as the initial certification, except, as a rule, there is no Stage 1 audit. After successful completion of the audit, the certificate is renewed or, in case of narrowing or widening of the scope of certification, reissued.

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