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Quality Policy of Company

Central Asia Certification has a quality policy aimed at achieving and maintaining its recognition as a competent, independent and impartial management system certification body in the approved field of accreditation.

The main goals in the field of quality of the company’s activities are:

Ensure compliance of management systems in accordance with the scope of accreditation, legislative and regulatory documents in force in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Ensure the confidence of all interested parties in the results of conformity assessment of management systems.
Strategic objectives in the field of quality, the solution of which is aimed at achieving a higher quality level of activity by the company, are to ensure:

  • legality, objectivity, independence and impartiality in the conduct of work to confirm compliance with management systems;
  • compliance with the accreditation criteria and requirements for accredited persons;
  • timely informing the applicant of the results of conformity assessment;
  • required conditions for filing and storing documents, confidentiality of information obtained as a result of work;
  • maintaining and continually improving the CB;
  • recognition at the national level as an impartial, competent, responsible, open and independent certification body in the approved field of accreditation;
  • CB’s competitiveness among organizations providing similar services by expanding its activities and improving their quality, contributing to the recognition as a competent, independent and impartial management system certification body

To solve these tasks the company’s management assumes the following obligations:

  • ensure the independence and impartiality of the certification body in carrying out its activities;
  • comply with legal requirements and accreditation criteria, including the O’z DST ISO 17021 standard for the management systems certification body;
  • guarantee the independence of experts from commercial, administrative or other pressure;
  • be guided in their activities by the accepted quality policy

By implementing:

  • verification of compliance of management systems included in the approved scope of accreditation of the certification Body for management systems according to the rules established by legislation, regulatory legal acts, as well as documents in the field of conformity assessment;
  • availability of certified experts and qualified personnel who systematically improve their skills at courses, seminars, as well as by familiarizing themselves with the achievements in the field of conformity assessment from domestic and foreign sources;
  • availability of the necessary and sufficient organizational structure of the management system certification Body;
  • clear implementation of the established procedure for confirming compliance of management systems;
  • The quality management system of the certification Body, which meets the requirements of national and international standards, guarantees our applicants a stable quality of services provided by the staff of the Certification Body for Management Systems.

To ensure the implementation of the quality policy, the management of Central Asia Certification undertakes to bring it to the attention of the staff in various ways. The staff of the certification Body undertakes to familiarize themselves with the “Quality Manual of the Central Asia certification Management Systems Certification Body and be guided in their activities by this “Central Asia Certification’s Quality Policy”.

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