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Understanding the importance of impartiality in carrying out independent conformity assessment work, the Management of the Central Asia Certification CM Certification Body LLC (hereinafter “CAC”) undertakes to manage conflicts of interest and guarantee its objectivity to enhance the trust and value of all stakeholders.

Impartiality at CAC is ensured by the fact that CAC is administratively, economically and legally independent of the parties interested in management system certification. CAC guarantees that it does not consult on management systems, does not carry out internal audits at its certified customers and does not certify management systems of organizations whose internal audits it has carried out for at least two years after internal audits, does not give advice or provide services that could compromise the confidentiality, objectivity and impartiality of the confirmation of conformity.

CAC does not certify if the relationship becomes an unacceptable threat to ensure impartiality and does not certify the CM certification activities of another CM certification body;

CAC does not engage as subcontractors for audits the CM consulting services organizations and does not engage for two years after the completion of this customer’s consulting services the persons providing consulting services to the organization being certified.

The status of independence is ensured by the following approaches:

absence of joint commercial interests with enterprises in carrying out CM evaluation work, within the scope of CAC accreditation;
payment for the work of CAC personnel and experts involved in the conformity assessment work is made in accordance with the concluded employment contracts and does not depend on the scope of work performed and its results;
The possibility of any pressure on CAC personnel which could influence the objective conclusions or results of their work, including from the management of CAC, is excluded;
CAC personnel have the necessary competence to carry out the work of conformity assessment in the declared field of accreditation;
the decision to issue the certificate requires all personnel to immediately report potential conflicts of interest and emerging threats to impartiality and ensures that the necessary response actions are taken to address them.
Potential conflicts of interest in conformity assurance work and threats to impartiality are reviewed by the Certification Board.

The management undertakes to promote measures to eliminate and minimize threats to impartiality based on the identification of impartiality risks, decisions taken by the Certification Board to ensure impartiality and the implementation of this Policy by all CAC employees.

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