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General Terms

Central Asia Certification LLC undertakes to provide CUSTOMER with management system certification services.

Certification Services means the evaluation of a management system in accordance with the OOO Central Asia Certification Procedures.

Certification Procedures – means the documented guidelines and procedures developed by Central Asia Certification, based on the requirements of international standards and accreditation rules, and used in assessing the management system for certification purposes.

  1. Central Asia Certification LLC in its management system certification activities strictly adheres to the principle of impartiality.
  2. Certification cannot be granted if Central Asia Certification’s LLC existing relationship with the certifiable CUSTOMER poses an unacceptable threat to impartiality and cannot be eliminated or minimized.
  3. Central Asia Certification does not provide management system certification services to other certification bodies with respect to management system certification activities.
  4. Central Asia Certification LLC treats all information and evaluation/certification reports submitted by the CUSTOMER as confidential and their contents or copies shall not be released to outside organizations except as required by applicable law, by court order, in legal proceedings, at the request of the Public Administration or with the written consent of the Organization.
  5. Any data published in the Register of Organizations certified by Central Asia Certification LLC, including the dates of periodic surveillance (inspection) inspections, suspension and revocation of certificates, shall be deemed to be information available to all interested parties. This Register is the exclusive property of Central Asia Certification.
  6. Central Asia Certification shall provide information and reports on the evaluation/certification of the CUSTOMER’s management systems to the accreditation bodies for their inspections by Central Asia Certification LLC. Central Asia Certification LLC is responsible for informing CUSTOMER of all such cases.
  7. Central Asia Certification shall be responsible for notifying CUSTOMERS certified by Central Asia Certification LLC of any changes to its certification requirements, including changes to these Certification Terms and Conditions, in a timely manner.

Terms of certification

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