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Information security management system

ISO/IEC 27001 standard ensures that your organization will keep information assets secure by establishing an infrastructure against risks of loss, damage or any other threat.

Companies that have achieved ISO/IEC 27001 certification certify that the security of financial information, intellectual property, employee data, assets or any other information held or transmitted by third parties is successfully managed and continuously improved in accordance with best practice approaches.

The benefits of certification for your organization:

  • Gives you a competitive advantage
  • Reduces costs by minimizing incidents and threats
  • Demonstrates compliance with customer, regulatory and/or other requirements
  • Establishes areas of responsibility across the organization
  • Communicates a positive message to staff, customers, vendors and stakeholders
  • Integrates between business operations and information security
  • Aligns information security with organizational goals
  • Increases true value through enhanced marketing capabilities

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